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Hi, my name is Alexandra Häggman, and I´m an actress from Finland, welcome to my webpage!

I also do freelance-work as a comedian, writer/poet, producer and have worked as ajournalist/host on radio. I speak fluent swedish, english and finnish, and I have worked and studied abroad (UK/USA/AUS).

I have natural dark blond/strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and I´m approximately 5,6 ft tall. Born in 1986.

Contact: alexandra.haggman@gmail.com

Resume below –>

Alexandra Häggman, actress. Photo: Jonas Bergqvist (JBQ) 2016





2010 Master of Arts in Acting. The Theatre Academy of Helsinki, The Nordic Masters programme.

2009 Bachelor of Arts, Theatre & Drama, Dramateacher. Novia University of applied science.

2014 Michael Chekhov Acting Studio New York, 3-month masterclass.



Swedish: mother tongue          English: fluent          Finnish: fluent



2017 – Stand-up comedy.

2016 – Poetry slam-artist/performance-poetry.

Acting, poetry/spoken word, stand up comedy, screenwriter, radiojournalist, speaker, educational drama, media (radio/Tv/film), improvisation, singing.



2017-2018 Artistic working grant (scholarship) 1 year, Svenska Kulturfonden.

2017 Actress: Svälta Räv, devising-play at Wasa Teater. Director Joakim Groth.

2016 Actress: The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler.

2016-2017 Actress: Love, a play about gender, identity and equality for children aged 4-10, with the theatregroup Unga Scenkompaniet. Director and writer Alexandra Mangs.

2015 Director and writer: Noaks Ark 2.0, a play for the Radiotheatre, Yle.

2014 Actress: Radiotheatre Yle, play Ödesmärkt by Karin Smirnoff. Character Karin. Director Marielle Eklund-Vasama.

2014 Actress: Play John Gabriel Borkman by Henrik Ibsen, at Wasa Theatre (Vasa, Finland). Character Miss Fanny Wilton. Director Peter Lüttge.

2013-2014 Actress: Play Kaos (comedy) by Mika Myllyaho, at Wasa Theatre (Vasa, Finland) and on tour. Character Julia + 6 other characters. Director Ann-Luise Bertell.

2012 Actress: This Image Is No More – an interartistic project in an art gallery in Helsinki, Finland. Cooperation between Good Tv (SWE) and Galleri Sinne/Pro Artibus (FIN) in the project Shapeshift.

2010 Actress: Play Allas krig mot alla and fuck you too Mr. Hobbes, a play inspired by the book Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes, Theatre Tribunalen (Stockholm, Sweden). Character Person & Alexandra. Director Frida Röhl.

2010 Actress: GUSEV, a play inspired by Anton Tjechov. Character Lisa. Director Andrey Moguchy (Russia). The Theatre Academy of Helsinki (TeaK), The Nordic Masters Programme (NorMa).

2009 Actress: Play Iphigenia by Finn Iunker. Character Clytamnestra. Director Peer Øian (Norway). Performed in english. (TeaK, NorMa)

2008 Artistic Bachelor thesis (Novia) the play Finn Fem Fel?. Written, performed and directed by Alexandra Häggman & Alexandra Mangs. Supervisor Mats Holmqvist.

2007 Actress: Musical, The garden by James Atherton, Oldham Theatre Workshop, England.



2017 Actress: Tv-programme Barn i 100 år, Malakta & Yle.

2011-2016 Radiohost and journalist: different radioshows about news, art and culture. Radio Vega Yle.

2013 Reporter: talking about art and culture in a morning television-show. Min Morgon Cityportal.

2011 Radiohost and journalist: in a radioshow for teenagers and young adults, radio X3M Yle.



2018 Screenwriter: Årets Film 2028, producer Film i Österbotten, director Petter Sandelin.

2010 – Actress: in different short-films (Novia, Arcada, etc.)

2014 Filmcourse – Acting in front of the camera. Director Saara Cantell.

2015 Filmcourse – Acting in front of the camera. Director Richard Holm (Sweden).

2009 First assistant director – the shortfilm Slipsnålen. Director & producer Andreas Westerberg.

2007 First assistant director – The movie Tre Vänner. Director Anders Nordlund, producer Mida Promotion.



During my studies I have worked as a waitress and in a supermarket for several years.

Driving license (B).

References are available at request.



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